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Are you frustrated with trying to find a lawyer in Auckland to help with your particular legal issue?

Fortunately Top Lawyers Auckland has solved this common dilemma for you.

Our research has revealed a select number of Auckland law firms and personnel that are totally dedicated to providing their clients with professional cost effective legal representation. This information is available to you right here. So now you can be absolutely certain that the lawyer you engage will work diligently to achieve the best outcome.

We have made your quest to find an expert lawyer in Auckland exceedingly simple. Below is a comprehensive list of the many types of lawyers practicing in the Greater Auckland area. Simply click on your preference and our recommendation will be displayed for your consideration.

We suggest that before meeting with a legal practitioner you put together a detailed file which should include such items as correspondence from other parties, any pertinent facts and figures relating to your concern and precisely what it is you wish to achieve.

Effective legal representation is very much dependent upon you, as the client, being totally transparent with your lawyer or barrister. In effect this means providing him or her with all relevant information pertaining to your particular issue.

All the legal practitioners we recommend are highly skilled and experienced. Importantly, they are readily available to take on new clients.
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What can you expect from Auckland Lawyers?

As in most Western democracies, lawyers in New Zealand are charged with protecting their clients interests and to act in a professional manner at all times. They are bound to preserve lawyer client confidentiality and to treat clients fairly and with respect.

They are also required to be mindful of what their client wishes to achieve in terms of outcome and provide sound legal advice relating to those expectations.

Employing a good lawyer will not only provide surety that your rights will be protected under the law but will also ensure that any legal issues or difficulties will be resolved in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Suggested discussion points during the initial meeting with your prospective lawyer:


Determine whether the potential lawyer that you are interviewing will be handling your entire business or if they are delegating portions of it. Bear in mind that many local law firms employ specialist personnel that others can call on for expert advice.
You may want to meet with any other people who are likely to be involved.
A coule in discussion with a lawyer


NZ lawyers have a code of practice which they must abide by. Make sure that you understand exactly what your lawyer is able to do for you. Additionally make sure that he/she understands exactly what your expectations are and to provide advice on the viability of such expectations.
Ask for a copy of the firms client terms of engagement.


There are some Important details you should discuss with your prospective lawyer with regard to costs. For example ask what the standard fees and costs are and how are they structured. Determine when you are likely to be billed for services. Discuss the possibility of a quotation or at the very least an estimate of costs... a basic guide is provided below. Find out if there is a payment plan, if that's of some importance to you.


It is often useful to know about the work experience and the qualifications that a certain person you are about to employ has. Ask your lawyer about the various kinds of legal matters they have dealt with in the past, and if you deem it relevant, the success rate of those that are related to your particular legal issue or concern.

The Process

Once you have decided to engage a particular lawyer to act on your behalf make sure that you provide them with all necessary information. It's generally a good idea to have a file prepared containing all relevant documentation. Don't forget to provide your lawyer with all your contact details and billing address. Finally, determine from your lawyer a firm starting date and the likely time scale to complete your business.
What is an Auckland Lawyer likely to charge for professional services?
The following information has been provided by various sources including legal practices. However, it is a guide only so we strongly recommend that intending legal clients should make their own inquiries of the lawyer that they intend to employ to determine how their fees are structured and what they can expect to pay.

Fees vary considerably from practice to practice and between suburban and city law firms. However you should expect to pay anywhere between $130 and $400 per hour for standard service.

More complex services such as those requiring the attendance of a barrister may cost anywhere from $300 to $800 per hour. The services of a more experienced barrister such as a Queens Counsel (QC) could very well cost upwards of $1000 per hour depending on the complexity of the case.
Law services
You should also be aware that many lawyers and barristers charge an initial consultation fee. This could be as high as $500. Be sure to inquire of your potential legal professional if such a fee is applicable in your case.
Many Auckland law firms charge out their time in blocks of 10 minutes so it pays to be conscious of this when contacting a lawyer, be it by phone or face to face. Other fees to take into account are time spent on your business by support staff and the cost of incidentals, namely postage, emails, correspondence and phone calls made on your behalf.